A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle doesn't just happen - it requires a constant input from us. So here are a few snippets of hopefully useful information to help you on your way. You can help lower your blood pressure and reduce muscle tension by practising deep breathing - no equipment required, so no excuse. Try and adopt a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. Try to be more sociable. Laugh more, preferably when there is something to laugh at or someone to laugh with, as this can boost your immune system. Stroking a pet cat or dog is beneficial as it can very quickly lower stress levels. Reduce your BMA to a recommended level for your height and weight. Over a quarter of a million deaths each year are attributed to poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. So learn to eat sensibly and get regular exercise. In summary, try to adopt as many of these tips into your daily routine as you can - and you will have a healthier lifestyle.

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