A Couple of Doughnuts

A good diet and regular exercise are essential ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Stuffing yourself with a couple of doughnuts followed by a run around the housing estate is not the way to achieve this. You need a plan for both the diet and the exercise. And they need to be given thought before action. There is no point in starting either the diet or the exercise routine if neither suit your temperament. So before you do anything, sit down and give both some thought.

A good diet doesn't mean you have to eat special low calorie snacks. It does mean a balanced food intake of calories, protein, and other essential minerals and vitamins. In smaller portions. And to exercise doesn't mean regular visits to a gym. Sensible physical exercise can be carried out at home and without the need for special equipment. There is a vast source of diet plans and exercise options available to you via your local library, medical practice, and of course via the internet. So, get yourself a balanced diet, a regular exercise routine, and a healthy lifestyle.

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