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Aromatherapy and Its Benefits

posted on 16 April 2014 in Remedies

One of the oldest practices in holistic healing, aromatherapy is used along with many other therapeutic methods to induce relaxation and promote the many health benefits of natural and organic substances, oils, and concoctions. This particular type of holistic healing method aims to rejuvenate not only the body but also the mind and spirit using the fragrance or aroma and the pure essence of plants. It is used as an alternative as well as a complementary therapy to manage different kinds of illnesses with the help of the psychological and physiological benefits of herbal essences and essential plant oils. Pure plant essences are used and broken down through topical application, inhalation, and sometimes through ingestion. However, oral ingestion of pure plant essences or a mixture of essential oils is not recommended without the supervision of an expert aromatherapist.

Aromatherapy has a world of benefits. It promotes overall health, and helps treat various diseases and conditions, ranging from arthritis to cancer, dementia, obesity, general pains and aches, psychological and physical stress, and even dementia. While not all fragrances and scents are necessarily beneficial to the body or quality as aromatherapy, essential oils that are purely natural and organic and don't have synthetic or artificial chemicals added to them, have great therapeutic value, although they can only be realised when essences are used in a correct and safe manner. In addition to its healing power, aromatherapy offers a wide range of other benefits including:

• Emotional stability by elevating a person's state of mind – aromas and scents influence emotions and behaviour through the brain's limbic system, which controls our emotions, moods, memory, and ability to learn, in turn encouraging relaxation and rejuvenation. By altering a person's feelings and emotions, feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress are also eased.
• Medicinal, embalming, and cosmetic effects – essential oils have long been found to have excellent medicinal, therapeutic, and cosmetic benefits.
• Healthy mood and disposition – placing fragrant flowers and herbs, as well as burning incense sticks that emit special scents also promote a healthy mood in home settings.
• Stress relief – bathing in water mixed with plant and flower extracts can help relieve stress and even improve skin health.
• Restful sleep – aromatherapy also encourages sounder, and more restful sleep, which can be very helpful to people suffering from sleep-related diseases like insomnia.
• Healthy balance – aromatherapy promotes a general feeling of wellbeing, improves blood circulation, and balances hormone production.

About The Author:
This article is written by Atch Ali, who is associated with The Massage Moghuls. The Massage Moghuls is a therapeutic mobile massage company in London. We serve a wide range of clients from private to corporate firms and specialise in various types of mobile massage therapies. For more details call at 0203 291 1952 or email at

The Basic Concept Behind Reflexology Massage

posted on 16 April 2014 in Remedies

A natural therapy dating back thousands of years, the ancient practice of reflexology has evolved in many ways, but the basic principles and concepts behind it still provide a strong foundation for its worldwide practice. Originating from China, reflexology uses specific energy zones on the feet, manipulating them through the application of pressure in some 7,200 nerve endings in the feet to stimulate various reflex areas in the body. This provides relief for different illnesses, while also energizing the entire body system. Stimulating reflex areas in the heart, lungs, eyes, ears, and liver brings about balance and homeostasis in the entire system. When reflexes in different areas of the feet are worked, nerve impulses travel through the nerve pathways and into the associated body parts, increasing circulation, and improving metabolism.

This simple and non-invasive practice helps reach homeostasis in the body. It is often referred to as a natural therapy that offers holistic effects in the body's wellbeing. A lot of people use reflexology as a preventive health measure, as it offers useful diagnostic value. The method is also simple and very safe, as it causes no side effects compared with other massage systems. Nevertheless, reflexology can be used in combination with other massages to promote even better holistic healing. In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, this therapy also provides relaxation and improves nerve supply and blood circulation.

There are basic reflexology theories currently being researched in connection with the relationship between the feet and the body. This includes:
  1. Blood and supply theory – When the body is tense, it presses on the arteries, which causes sluggishness in circulation. This causes toxins that should naturally be excreted to crystallise and be deposited in the hands and feet, in turn blocking nerve impulses. Reflexology aids in breaking down these crystals so they can go into the blood stream for natural excretion, relieving pain and soreness in corresponding parts of the body.
  2. Lymph theory – Manipulation of reflex areas can enhance lymph vessels and restore the body's natural chemical balance.
  3. Nerve simulation theory –Pressure on the reflex points transmits neurological messages to the brain, causing the body to mobilise repair.
  4. Counter irritation theory – The human body has a natural ability to speed up its repair when an irritation or insult to its equilibrium is introduced through reflex irritation.
Various massage clinics can provide you with these kinds of treatments, but there is nothing more convenient than having an on-call, mobile therapist at your disposal whenever you are in need of a relaxing reflexology, aromatherapy, or deep tissue massage.

About The Author
This article is written by Atch Ali, who is associated with The Massage Moghuls. The Massage Moghuls is a therapeutic mobile massage company in London. We serve a wide range of clients from private to corporate firms and specialise in various types of mobile massage therapies. For more details call at 0203 291 1952 or email at

Staying on Top of Colds Before They Develop

posted on 17 May 2011 in Remedies

My biggest health tip is to stay ahead of colds before they can grab hold of you because then your life is on hold for a week or so and you have to curtail your activities without even feeling good enough to do anything fun. What I do is stay alert to how I am feeling. I pretty much know which sneezes and sniffles are normal parts of my life and am aware of when I start to sneeze a bit too much or feel tired or ache a lot.

At the first little sign of illness, I grab the echinacea, the zinc, and the vitamin C. I usually take a multi vitamin and some calcium every day, but when I feel that a cold might be coming on, I take two or three echniacea tablets during the day, about 1500 to 2000 mgs of vitamin C during the day, and one small tablet (about 20 mg) of zinc during the day. I also take it a bit easier and give myself a rest during the day when I can and try to eat a lot healtheir, meaning that I will eat a couple of pieces of fruit for lunch and stir some vegetables into my whole wheat pasta in the evening.

Just following this plan for a day or two means that I very rarely if ever get a full blown cold and so I'm hardly ever feeling so bad that I have to miss work or some fun thing that I have on my schedule. I consider it to be an exercise in awareness akin to meditation to stay on top of my own health without getting obsessive about itso getting to know myself in this way is not just about staying physically fit, although that is certainly a big plus, but is as much about staying mentally fit and aware of what is going on with the body, mind, and spirit connection.

Rinse Away the Things That Plague You

posted on 22 April 2011 in Remedies

For many years, I suffered from nasal congestion. When I developed seasonal allergies at about the age of 30, I could hardly breathe, and my eyes would water and almost swell shut. The approach I took for decades was to use over the counter medications, usually antihistamines. These medications offered brief relief, usually made me extremely drowsy and dehydrated my system.

I did try one prescription antihistamine, but found it didn’t work as well as the over the counter medications, plus it has serious side effect I would rather avoid. I would use some environmental strategies to avoid the congestion. I stopped hanging laundry outside to limit the pollen that got on my clothing. Smoky areas were also avoided. Frequent showers during the times of the year when the pollen count was high helped some, as did staying inside with the air conditioning on. These solutions, although somewhat effective, were not entirely satisfactory, as I began to withdraw for activities and place where I would encounter the pollen. Gardening, a passion of mine, became almost a dangerous activity. I dreaded when my children would have outdoor sporting events, especially in the late summer and fall.

Finally, I noticed if I swam, I got some long lasting relief from the symptoms. I did some research, and discovered that the mechanism for this relief was probably cleansing of the nasal passages with the treated pool water. One claim I kept reading about was that saline rinsing of the sinuses was recommended to control and prevent the effects of allergies. There was a variety of ways to accomplish this cleansing; I chose to try a saline cleansing system with a squeeze bottle using treated water to rinse. What a difference! I now use the saline rinse at least daily, usually during my morning shower. It is a strange sensation, and one that I would not have thought to seek but for the juxtaposition of the swimming pool relief and the research. Although I still need an occasional antihistamine during the height of the ragweed season, the rinsing has simply acted to remove the offending pollen for my nose, which is where it lurked in the past, tricking my body into the allergic reactions. I highly recommend a neti pot or a bottle saline rinse system for everyone—it is just one more way to keep a vital area clean and limit or eradicate allergy symptoms without ingesting chemicals.